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National Distribution

Regional cross-dock platforms and our own fleet enable us to cover and deliver finished products in the entire territory of Croatia, including the islands.

We deliver finished goods daily from the central warehouses of our partners to our central warehouse and cross-dock locations, from which products are distributed locally to 10.000 point of sales of our partners/customers.


point of sales


LDC Beograd
Partizanska 230,
11277 Ugrinovci, Zemun

DC Osijek
Ulica Ariša bb,
31000 Osijek

LDC Rugvica
Gospodarska ulica 11,
10370, Rugvica, Dugo Selo

DC Rijeka
Kukuljanovo bb,
51227 Kukuljanovo, Rijeka

DC Zadar

DC Split
Vranjički put 8,
21000 Split


Our vehicles are equipped with numerous safety systems, which enable drivers to carry out their daily activities more easily.


The vehicles are equipped with a monitoring and control system that allows us to see in real time where the vehicles are and at what temperature the finished goods are being transported.


Drivers can receive and track all delivery information in real time with the support of integrated tablet devices and smartphones.