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Ralu logistika´s warehouse infrastructure in Croatia consists of a central warehouse in Rugvica (Zagreb), 4 distribution centers (Osijek, Rijeka, Zadar, Split) and a central warehouse in Ugrinovci (Belgrade) in Serbia.

All locations are strategically positioned near highways and have excellent traffic connections in all directions.

All warehouse locations provide the possibility of storage in frozen and refrigerated mode.

The warehousing service, in addition to renting pallet space, also includes all types of warehousing services such as loading/unloading manipulations, commissioning by delivery points, labeling of goods and repackaging.


LDC Beograd
Partizanska 230,
11277 Ugrinovci, Zemun

DC Osijek
Ulica Ariša bb,
31000 Osijek

LDC Rugvica
Gospodarska ulica 11,
10370, Rugvica, Dugo Selo

DC Rijeka
Kukuljanovo bb,
51227 Kukuljanovo, Rijeka

DC Zadar

DC Split
Vranjički put 8,
21000 Split

Control and process management

For the control and management of warehouse processes, we use WMS (Warehouse Management System), which allows us to monitor, move and store finished products, optimize warehouse capacities and commissioning in real time, with full respect and integrity of the cold chain from receiption, through warehouse manipulations to the delivery of finished goods.


The quality standards and business processes of RALU Croatia have been confirmed by the HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 certificates for the transport, warehousing and distribution of goods in controlled temperature conditions, and since the beginning of 2014 by the "IFS Logistics" certificate.

Value Added Services

Stickering / Declaring
Inventory management